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NPC Representative Zhou Zhenbo Conveyed “Two Meeting” Spirit

    In order to study and implement national “two meeting” spirit so that promote the group to achieve new development, Zhou Zhenbo was invited to deliver a report on March 19.

    Firstly he introduced the basic situation of this conference to let co-workers know the spirit. Then he introduced the experience of being a great representative and working hard, combining with his actual fulfillment. During the two meeting, he handed in the advice about full attention should be payed to education of farmer workers’ children and national policy on ensuring and improving people's livelihood can be better implementation. When it was reviewing the report on the work of government and the NPC standing committee, he raised two suggestions: one was that the society needs to respect workers and build a social atmosphere of respecting workers. The other is to make ways for demotic tips, listen to the opinions of people, and accept the supervision of "grassroots" representatives.These suggestions and remarks all got leaders and representatives’ affirmation and support.

    Listening to “two meeting” spirit educated and inspired the employees. Everybody said to study and implement the spirit of the two sessions, firm the confidence, overcome difficulty, behave actively, and accomplish this year’s goals to make new contributions.