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Seminar Was Held Smoothly

    On July 11, the seminar about the marketing management summary of the first half of 2015 and the second half’s marketing plan was held.

    The meeting is important for fully implementing group semi-annual’s spirit. On the basis of summary of the first half of 2015’s marketing management, it’s needed to pinpoint the idea of marketing management, the marketing objectives and key work. There was someone putting forward some innovative strategic objectives.

    Representatives from all branches and departments reported the completion of working train of the second half. In the first half of this year, all branches and departments hinged around the predetermined marketing goals and actively implemented the engineering and management to further enhance the company's anti-risk ability. Completing the project management and scientifically formulating measures and methods to complete the marketing task can lay a good foundation for company’s steady and healthy development.

    After hearing those reports, our chairman made an important speech. He fully affirmed these achievements and demanded to strengthen management on the basis of achievement. To create new profit point and sparkle for company to actively complete this year's marketing tasks. Our chairman emphasized that all branches and departments should strengthen the learning for striving to improve the core competitiveness and subsequent power for healthy and rapid development.

    Chairman pointed out that "marketing strategy" needs to do a good service in pre-sale, sale, after-sales service. Achieving "marketing strategy" needs to attach importance to our brand and comb the layout afresh to meet international and domestic standards. Profiteering era has passed. Now the era of meager profit is coming, is out of time. How to get small profit for profiteering is rely on wisdom.

     In the end, chairman gave the summation and asked participants to regard the meeting as an opportunity to learn work’s insufficiency and strive for completing company’s the indicators.