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UCC appliances production safety knowledge training


    There was applause in group’s multi-function hall. A special training of knowledge of safe production was held here. All staff attended the training. The expert with excellent speech and popular case detailed knowledge of safe production.    

    On the spot, the expert’s explain aroused the staff's enthusiasm. At the start of training, expert used major accidents happened in recent years to elaborate the importance of training from protect themselves from enterprise’s development to employee’s safety. And put forward "responsibility is the core of security and implement’s key is training.” In the q&a, expert also explained the related legal knowledge. Employees studied the fire escape and first-aid of electric shock from the training as well.

    Trained employees said with deep feeling, "safe production is closely linked to every employee’s life and group’s normal production. We learned a lot from this training. We hope that group can carry out more safety training and education in the future."

    Group chairman has always attached great importance of safety in production. He said, "in the process of production, we need always to put safety in the first place and implement the responsibility for safety. To emphasize security every time and implement security everywhere. This safety training did make sure that every employee can master safe production and promote a fast development of the group."

    According to information, in order to enhance the training effect and further improve general staff’s safety awareness, group brought each department textbooks about safe production to organize the learning and assessment.