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UCC Long-Life Brush Motors——SL5LC and DP9LC

    For a long time, it is the micro vacuum pump and micro air pump’s core part, micro electrical machine, whose field has a rule:the moment of a brush motor is certainly bigger than a brushless one and the life of the brushless motor must be longer than the other.

    A good deal of professional manufacturers and companies have carried on a extensive research, trying to develop a mini vacuum pump, which has large moment, high parameters, and long life as well. It’s better for the product to have a longer life than brushless pumps, but limited by technology, direction, and other factors, they all ended in failure.

    As the technology develops and matures, the professional manufacturer, UCC, has developed the brush motors. They are SL5LC and DP9LC. Both of them have inherited advantages of no oil pollution, the port can take big load, even being totally closed belongs to the normal work.

    In addition, now all the micro vacuum pumps have the following features:

    1.Long life: Under full load, a pump can work around the clock for over 6000h.
    2.Ultra-low interference: Not only having the advantage of can be installed in any direction, it can also shake with low noise, which greatly improve the stability of controlling circuit.
    3.Double automatic protection for opposition and overload:

     (1) Opposition protection: if anodes are connected inversely, the pump will not burn but be unworkable. After connecting properly, the pump resume normal work.
     (2) Overload protection: foreign bodies falling into the motor may lead to be jammed. Pump will automatically stop working to avoid overburning.

    4. Parameter and life are improved, because of technical improvement, the volume and weight reduce at the same time.