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1. What is pneumatic components?

Pneumatic components by gas pressure or generated by the expansion force to work elements, the compressed air to the elastic energy is converted to kinetic energy machine. Such as a cylinder, a pneumatic motor, steam engines. Pneumatic components is a power transmission form, also for energy conversion devices, the use of gas pressure to transfer energy.

2. The Advantages Of Pneumatic Components

1, a pneumatic device has the advantages of simple structure, portability, simple installation and maintenance. Medium for the air, compared with the hydraulic medium is not easy to burn, so the use of safety.

2, the working medium is an inexhaustible supply of air, air itself is not money. Exhaust gas treatment is simple, no environmental pollution, low cost. 

3,output force and speed regulation is very easy. The actions of the cylinder speed is generally less than 1M / S, ratio of hydraulic and electrical means fast action. 

4, high reliability, long service life. Electrical components of the effective action frequency of about a million times, but the common electromagnetic valve 30000000 times larger than life, some good quality valve more than 200000000 times.

5, the use of air compression, can store the energy, to achieve centralized gas supply. Short time release energy, so as to obtain the intermittent movement in high speed response. Can realize the buffer. On the impact load and live load and has a strong ability to adapt. Under certain conditions, can make the pneumatic device having self holding capacity.

6, pneumatic control with fire prevention, explosion-proof, moisture-proof ability. Compared with the hydraulic, pneumatic mode may be used in high temperature applications. 

7, due to the air flow loss is small, the compressed air can be concentrated supply, long-distance transmission.


3. What Is The Micro Diaphragm Pump

Micro diaphragm pump is a vacuum pump, which has an inlet and an outlet of the suction nozzle, an exhaust nozzle each one, through the mechanical device inside the pump diaphragm to do reciprocating motion, and at the entrance to a continuous formation of a vacuum or negative pressure, exhaust mouth forming micro positive pressure; working medium for gas, small volume of an instrument.

Typical applications: Autoclave, Vacuum transfer, Beauty equipment, Bio-Chemical Analyzer, Electrolyte, Patient Monitoring, Chemistry analysis, Blood Pressure Monitor, Air Sampler, Sewage disposal, Gas detection devices, Gas massage products, Lab equipment, Micro plate Washer, Wide-Format Printer, Automatic Tourniquet, 

Features: BLDC ,Oil-free, High efficiency, Maintenance Free, Low noise level & vibration, Long life, Low weight, Compact size, Corrosion resistant, Can be mounted in any plane


4. I am an importer, can you supply the OEM service?
Yes, we can, please send me the details and we will assist you to place an order.
5. Can I visit your factory?
Yes, sure. Please tell us your arrival location and time. For our location, please refer to our "contact us" page.
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