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The 15th China Electric Culture Festival Grand Opening


    This year’s festival was themed by "innovation development". The pavilion area was more than 40000 square meters. There were more than 1400 corporate pavilions. Automobile and electronic business had more than 300 booths. There were totally more than 1800 booths. Several international electric energy companies’ appearance was a highlight for the culture festival.

    The other bright spot of electrical festival was establishing "small and micro enterprise zones". More than 80% of nearly 500 participator enterprises were small and micro enterprises. According to the introduction of relevant person in charge of organizing committee, they created the high-quality goods exhibition in order to support the development of small and micro enterprises to avoid standing outside the pavilion. Setting the "small micro enterprise zones” was easy for small and medium-sized enterprises to distribute publicity materials.

    It is understood that the sponsors are the China electrical equipment industry association, Yueqing Government, and Zhejiang electrical industry association. The organizers are Liushi Government, Wenzhou electrical industry association, Yueqing electrical industry association, and Liushi industrial and commercial association (chamber of commerce).