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Under The Tide of 4.0 Industrial, Robot To The Bubble?

    As an important part of industrial 4.0 implementation of its achievement, more and more enterprises enter the market, more and more capital pours into the industry. , Some people concern the bubble may be in the breeding under the hot spring. Some companies have no ability may be worth. Some enterprises that aren’t suitable for robot production may blindly invest in robots.According to the latest statistics data, China industrial robot has a sale of nearly 137000 in 2014. China overtook Japan to become the first industrial robot market.

    To the problem Shenzhen robot association’s executive vice secretary-general, Qiu He has a deep feeling, "I has engaged in industrial automation for 13 years. Two years ago, I told my friends that I was on the automation. They would ask you do you get office automation? If so, It would be hard to communicate with him any longer. But this year or two, everyone know and is curious when referring to the robot ." Qiu He said, "Judging from my experience working in Shenzhen robot association, we established in 2009 and industrial robot was not so special. But now there are lots of investors, robot production enterprises, and application every day becoming an endless stream. So the national industrial robot are super hot now."

    But Qiu He also believes that the industrial robot is not like industry and it’s collapse after the bubble. It's less like photovoltaic because the robot is similar to the plane of the practical industrial applications closely linked to every enterprise and everyone."

    Dongguan Cuifeng hardware machinery LTD’s general manager, Lin Xiaofeng takes a similar view, "in fact China robot with the proportion of workers is still low in the world. So we should be no overheating on robot’s applying and sales." He said, "but there are really a little bit more investment institutions, industrial policy, industry association, etc."

    While seeing from industry development phase, the industrial robot has not overheated. But for different enterprises whether it should use robots and how to introduce both need careful analysis. Qiu He pointed out that whether enterprises use robots should be considered from two aspects:

    The first for those have gotten on the track and normal operation’s company bosses, you need to guarantee the products’ quality and certainty firstly including this month what kind and how many qualified products can be produced. From this perspective, stability of machines is better than people. So enterprises above a certain size must need robots.

    Second, pay attention to save costs, how many people can save from using robot, and how much cost can reduce. It is another important consideration of using robots no matter enterprises are large or small.

    More and more new generation employees are unwilling to do boring and repetitive work on assembly line. And doing the work is just the robot's strengths. From the simple point of view, the application prospect of robot in China manufacture enterprises is very imaginative. (source: China hydraulic pneumatic seal industry association)