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What Can We Do with Micro Air Pump Making Noise?

    Micro air pumps are small, but there are lots of products on the market have made noise a lot. Next let’s analyze the reasons for the noise and find solutions.

Why micro air pump makes noise

    The noise of micro air pump is mostly made by pump’s vibration or airflow. If the reason is vibration, it mainly dues to the unreasonable installation. For example, when installation, the looseness of screws has large difference and gives rise to mismatch in pump’s inside . Besides, the location where air pump placed is not in the same horizontal plane, which is also likely to cause the noise. The another reason is airflow when extracting or inflating gas. When gas is flowing, the gas will rub with parts in the pump then make noise. The last one is the operating of machine, the pump extracts or inflates gas, the power comes from the machine’s high-speed rotating, which will lead to the vibration of pump body. Combining these two motions inevitably brings the noise.

Solutions to micro air pump’s making noise

    For the noise made by unreasonable installation, as long as we install reasonably and correctly according to the specification, it can reduce the noise.

    For the noise made by airflow, we generally equip with muffler elbow in pump’s inlet and outlet at the same time, so that it can effectively reduce noise. Note, the muffler we use in the micro air pump is different from the general one, please buy our matching accessories. If it’s because of rotation, we suggest you use brushless micro air pump, it can reduce friction, thus reducing noise.