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3. What Is The Micro Diaphragm Pump

Micro diaphragm pump is a vacuum pump, which has an inlet and an outlet of the suction nozzle, an exhaust nozzle each one, through the mechanical device inside the pump diaphragm to do reciprocating motion, and at the entrance to a continuous formation of a vacuum or negative pressure, exhaust mouth forming micro positive pressure; working medium for gas, small volume of an instrument.

Typical applications: Autoclave, Vacuum transfer, Beauty equipment, Bio-Chemical Analyzer, Electrolyte, Patient Monitoring, Chemistry analysis, Blood Pressure Monitor, Air Sampler, Sewage disposal, Gas detection devices, Gas massage products, Lab equipment, Micro plate Washer, Wide-Format Printer, Automatic Tourniquet, 

Features: BLDC ,Oil-free, High efficiency, Maintenance Free, Low noise level & vibration, Long life, Low weight, Compact size, Corrosion resistant, Can be mounted in any plane